Finer Things Mosaic Light Lager - 4-pack 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

As much as we adore the modern American craft beer movement, we have never been able to shake our youth-induced love for bland mass-produced Lagers. Our goal with Finer Things Mosaic Light Lager was to develop a nose that would quench our need for hops but drink like you'd think it was served in a red Solo cup. Designed to be infinitely refreshing and deliciously pungent, scents of ruby red grapefruit and honeydew melon rain down onto your senses like it's the IPA of your dreams. Hop bitterness and resins are subdued to the point that they can only be described as delicate, leaving this crisp and clean Light Lager drinking as easy as any overly-approachable macro beer that summer typically screams for. With a light and refreshing finish that is blanketed by plumes of hop aroma; Finer Things Mosaic Light Lager is the beer you want when it is simply just too damn hot out for an IPA.