Hammock Beer- 4 Pack of 16 oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Everyone has heard that one country song, about vacations in Mexico, fishing in clear waters, and drinking beer on the beach. While you might loathe the puka-shell necklace and designer ripped denim vest, you can't help but dream of sipping that cold crisp Lager as you change the radio station. Hammock Beer is just that cerveza; a Baja inspired Lager taking a classic Mexican Lager grain bill and brewing it with a small wallop of Motueka hops and a light dry hopping of Motueka and a pinch of Sabro hops. These hops litter this super crisp and crushable Lager with notes of lime-blossom, coconut, and oak. You don't need to live in a mansion in Nashville to know how perfect this beer is to quench that longing for some south of the border sun. Leave the bedazzled jeans at home, throw your feet up, and relish the pint of sunshine that we call Hammock Beer.