Lost Harvest Farmhouse Ale - 4-pack 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Since we started in the brewing game we've had an affinity for brewing Saisons of all sorts; with wild yeast, with bacteria, with fruit, with various grains, with loads of hops, and with almost none. Lost Harvest is the culmination of all that learning to brew up the Saison we want to drink the most of. Not all that clean but most certainly crisp this yeast driven elixir is moderately hopped with Lemondrop and Sorachi Ace hops that accentuate the bright lemony and floral notes from the various strains of yeast used in fermentation and drop some wonderful accent notes of coconut that meld perfectly with this dry and refreshing beer for all seasons. We threw tradition out the window for this lemonless lemon-bomb and are feeling something we haven't felt before in any of our beers, we think it's pride, but it might also just be that we can throw back this 6.6%'er like it's a macro at the ballpark. [hops: Lemondrop, Sorachi Ace]

6.6% ABV