1502 Vienna Lager - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

If you look up "Vienna Lager" online you will find dozens of different definitions all with varying degrees of accuracy. 1502 is our Vienna Lager that lands somewhere on the spectrum between historically accurate and modern interpretation. Think Mexican Amber Lager brewed with traditional Central European Lager yeast and hops. This beer is all about the malt character with its notes of biscuits, torta bread, raw cane sugar, and flaked cereal, but remains quite dry and drinkable; rich yet crushable. Hop character is quite mellow with just hints of wild grass and dandelion. With a respectably lower ABV and a soft yet crisp finish you can drink 1502 Vienna Lager while sitting on the bayside with a fishing pole or studying for finals at Stansbury. Simply put, this is the beer that replaces Mexican Lagers in our fridge during the winter months, because nobody wants to drink beers named after the sun when it's raining out. 

[hops: Saaz]

5.50% ABV