Aloha Vibes Tropical Sour Ale - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

We've all been there, Jacoby has a wedding in Hawaii and you have the best week ever donning an oversized hibiscus print shirt, camera around the neck, fanny pack, Bermuda shorts, and sliders; eating exotic food like teriyaki chicken and drinking the finest of blended cocktails poolside with your SPF 100. Well now you can enjoy all of that island authenticity from home with our all-inclusive Tropical Sour Ale, Aloha Vibes. Made to recreate all of those memories of the rich Oahu resort culture and surfing lessons on foam boards, Aloha Vibes is figuratively a vacation in a glass, brewed with all your favorite shaved ice fruits, and drenched in notes of passion fruit, pineapple, tangerine, lime, coconut, and hibiscus flower. You've already been to Waikiki and pretty much experienced everything the 50th state has to offer, so you might as well save on airfare and smash some Aloha Vibes at home. [contains: Passionfruit, Pineapples, Tangerines, Limes, Coconut, Hibiscus / 7.0% ABV]