Annette Farmhouse Ale - 4-pack of 16 oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

It only took a quarter century of the craft beer movement for Lagers to become appreciated by the masses, and we are anxiously awaiting the year 2047 when Saisons get their moment in the sun. Until then, we'll keep brewing up super crushable and effervescent Wallonian-inspired beers using the best raw materials Europe has to offer. In the case of Annette we have found a combination that makes this easily our favorite Farmhouse Ale in our biography of beers. Just a few simple ingredients combine to make a brilliant and complex profile that is as dry as a Yuma in June, as spritzy as an ice cold La Croix, and perfectly wafts notes of orange blossoms, water crackers, grapefruit peel, lavender flowers, forest honey, alfalfa clippings, and a yeast-derived rustic character. [6.0% ABV]