Baking Bad Brownie Stout - 4-pack 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Baking Bad's story began in a Clairemont back yard in the late 90s, drinking a Chocolate Stout from the once legendary Sports City Brewing. At the time a beer tasting like Chocolate was eye opening and a bit surreal. Fast forward to the present day adjunct wars and the concept of a Stout with just chocolate is as tame as a three toed sloth listening to John Tesh. But what Baking Bad lacks in caloric abundance and social media pictures of pastries being thrown into mash tuns, it more than delivers on balance, mouthfeel, and delectable chocolatiness. Created to be the adjunct Stout that you can sit down and drink three of, Baking Bad not only takes place in the real world with a normal ABV, but also is packed with notes of lightly roasted hazelnuts, toasted malt, milk chocolate, dark cocoa, coffee bean chaff, and tiramisu.

5.7% ABV