Breaker Bay Westcoast IPA- 4-Pack 16 oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

It's fair to say that Nelson is to New Zealand hops as Nirvana was to the Seattle grunge scene; and we are very grateful for Nelson opening up the doors to all the other great hops being grown in the land of the long white cloud. In the case of Breaker Bay we went all in with a boatload of New Zealand Dr. Rudi hops, a hop we have been using for many years but is finally getting the love they deserve. To showcase these little buggers we went with a base of just our house Pilsner malt and our Westcoast yeast, amplifying its notes of limeade, passion fruit juice, lemon zest, sauv blanc, pine resin, starfruit, guava, and apricot preserves. It's not shocking Dr. Rudi was named after the father of New Zealand hops cause we certainly want to have their baby.