Chloe Belgian Pale Ale - 4-pack 16oz cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Our first foray into the realm of classic Belgian beers is Chloe, a crisp ester-driven ale with a prickly carbonation and complex flavor profile that is far too drinkable and well worth the wait. The Belgian yeast we chose is a blend of two different classic strains that have a track record of making some of the best beers in the world longer than we have been alive, and luckily for us they work flawlessly together in fermentation matrimony. An all Belgian malt grain bill lays the foundation for a delicately complex combination of new world hops and yeast derived flavors. Lemondrop and Mandarina hops are used with trepidation, providing just enough flavor of lemon and orange citrus peel to pair with the matching yeast esters; resulting in a Belgian Pale Ale that remains perfectly balanced while dripping with soft notes of orange blossom, lemongrass, and blooming orchids. Chloe may only be available in Northern California, but it is a beer that will make you think it dropped you onto a cobblestone sidewalk in Bruges.