Churro Cream Ale - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

After a long weekend in Baja California, and many hours in traffic trying to cross the border home, with the smell of low grade petrol and nothing to declare other than a car full of hangovers, you are always greeted by one of the greatest aromas on earth, the mobile churro cart. Churro Cream Ale is our nod to this perfect fried confection, taking an international twist on the classic American beer style by incorporating cinnamon, and then slowly baking cane sugar until it is a deep golden brown and ready to add to the boil. A toasty grain bill provides the perfect character to mimic the donut-like pastry dough and provide hints of sweetness to tie together all of the flavors. While you can't enjoy Churro Cream Ale while killing time in traffic, it is the perfect last course beer and pairs impeccably with the Vicente Fernández Spotify station. [brewed with: brewed with Cinnamon and Cane Sugar / 5.5% ABV]