Dill & Ted's Excellent Pickle Lager - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

The history of pickles and beer dates all the way back to 420 BCE when Socrates famously philosophized that his Tsatsiki Lager would be much better if the cucumbers were instead treated with dill, coriander seed, mustard seed, salt, garlic, and white vinegar. It's a well known fact that Lincoln used to keep a sixtel of crispy bois under his stovepipe hat and wore necklaces made from Budlong Pickles at the local beer fests. At the turn of the century, rumors swirled that Freud used to regularly get blitzed off of malt liquor and then reenact his second stage of human development with Branston Pickles. Most recently though, pickles and alcohol have found a resurgence like none other, in the form of pickle-backs and Pickle Lagers. Maybe the most refreshing and crushable form of pickle drank in history; Dill & Ted's Excellent Pickle Lager has all of the refreshing elements of a bright and crisp American Lager paired with the zippy acidity and salinity we all love in pickles, alongside a delicate finish of pickle brine spices. Some will say it's the best beer we have ever made, some will say it's the worst beer we've ever made, but we think it's the most excellent beer we've ever made. [Brewed with: Pickle Brine & Pickle Spices / 4.8% ABV]


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