Evie Belgian Table Beer - 4-pack 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Historically there has always been a repetitive dialogue about how brewing Lagers is the hardest realm of beer to conquer; which we humbly disagree with. A well manicured Belgian Ale is an incredibly difficult style to produce when taking into consideration balancing esters, phenols, alcohol, body, and everything else that makes these beers the beautiful constants they have been for centuries. Normally drying out giant Belgian Ales is the tricky task to maintain their drinkability, but with Evie, our Belgian Table beer, the opposite is the challenge at hand, fermenting a dry and refreshing low alcohol beer that still retains some body and character that keeps it drinkable and in balance. We achieve that in Evie with a blend of European specialty and base malts that leave a nice mouthfeel and combats its spritzy carbonation with notes of almond flour biscuits, raisin bread toast, dried wild flowers, orange peel, grapefruit zest, dandelion blossoms, and a subtle rustic earthiness. 

 4.0% ABV