Fog Ripper Tropical Sour Ale - 4-pack of 16oz cans

Fieldwork Brewing

From atop our brewery's roof, if the sun shines hard enough to burn away the bay's semi-permanent blanket of fog, we are gifted beautiful views of sailboats dancing across the San Francisco Bay. Daydreams of what it's like to be on one of those boats float through our heads as sweat from the brew day drips to the ground. All the perfect people are relaxing starboard side and enjoying their brightly colored tiki drinks and listening to their fancy Spotify Premium, while footed on solid ground we'll soon be alleviating the heat with some Fog Ripper and unnecessarily loud in app ads. Inspired by a blend of various tiki drinks, most notably the Zombie, Fog Ripper is sour to the point of mouth puckering delight and packed to the gills with notes of passion fruit, red sour cherries, oranges, and limes; resulting in an over the top fruity Catamaran of a sour beer that sails across your palate leaving only tart and juicy greatness in its wake. [contains: Passionfruit, Sour Cherries, Limes, Oranges / ABV 5.2%]