Good Clean Fun Westcoast IPA - 4-pack 16oz cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Remember the wholesome days of IPA? When they were clear, kind of bitter, and hyper-refreshing? Well, I hope so, it was only a couple years ago. Thankfully good IPA is not dictated by clarity but by technique; whether clear or hazy, good cellar-work will always trump all and the output should showcase hop aroma like a ringmaster bellowing to their anticipatory audience. Good Clean Fun is our Westcoast IPA that is a rocket of light-bodied, low-malt, and moderately-bittered amalgamation of hop flavor. Splitting this hop bill in half between the piny and citrusy Simcoe and the orange zest-laden Citra this Westcoast hop monster is a firestorm of hoppy goodness. Good Clean Fun doesn't need to be "hazy," it is simply focused on doing its hops every ounce of justice they deserve while logging on to Instagram to bash our other beers and shout in all caps #HAZEISNOTAFLAVOR [hops: Citra, Simcoe]

6.80% ABV