Heezer Hefeweizen - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Many breweries don't think Hefeweizen is cool enough of a style to brew; but you know what we think is cool? A beer style that is celebrating its quincentenary. Longevity like that is far more impressive than whatever kooky fad is currently setting Instagram on fire. Our intentions with Heezer was to brew a classic Hef with authentic ingredients from Germany and obsession over the brewing process to make sure the resulting beer is not a banana or a clove bomb, but a harmonious balance of the two, creating a complex nose on what is arguably a simple beer that is quite difficult to make. While there is no real hop character to describe, or unique ingredients to list off, Heezer is still supremely quaffable and enjoyable with its silky wheat-laden body and complex bouquet. So praise be to the original Hazy, the Hefeweizen. [5.4% ABV]