Hellbound & Down Smoked Helles Lager - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

It's impossible to put into words just how much we love a Smoked Helles Lager. With its bright, pale, and glowing appearance alongside a refreshing Lager effervescence; Hellbound & Down, just like every great Smoked Helles, throws your senses through a loop when that all of those classic German Lager expectations get rained on with delicate smokey notes of beechwood smoked barley straight from Bamburg. Still every bit as crushable as a classic Helles, but with an addictive smokiness; layering in flavors of french baguette, mildly sweet barley, sage blossom, honey biscuits, smoked bacon, tobacco leaf, and oak staves. Balanced, complex, delicious, sessionable, this beer has it all and it's probably all we're going to be drinking till it's all gone. [4.8% ABV]