Kernza Westcoast Lager - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

We know what you're thinking, "a collaboration with Patagonia? How did Fieldwork end up teaming up with the region encompassing southern Argentina and Chile?" Well it's not that Patagonia, there's actually a little outdoor brand out of Ventura also called Patagonia, you've probably seen their stuff and just haven't heard of them yet. Anyways, to salute our likeminded passions of the outdoors, the environment, agriculture, and sustainability, we brewed a 100% organic Westcoast Lager using Idaho-grown organic Pilsner malt, a pinch of some organic specialty malts, and the namesake of this beer; Kernza, an organic perennial wheatgrass that is similar in profile to red wheat malt and adds the subtle complexity we look for in a good Lager. The proverbial icing on this organic and delightfully tasty cake is the organic HBC586 and Idaho7 hops we were able to source to make this possible the most delectable all organic Westcoast Lager brewed in Berkeley in conjunction with an outdoor recreation apparel company. [hops: Organic HBC 586, Organic Idaho7 / 5.2% ABV]