King Coconut Double IPA - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

One of the funny things about running a brewery is that often the beers customers ask you to make aren't the ones you want to brew; and the ones you want to make aren't exactly what is being clamored for. Consider King Coconut to be our compromise; while it is not the same beer as Coconut Milk, we think it's superior in drinkability, hop aroma, and just all around a better beer that lacks the dessert-beer presentation that lactose often instigates. We've been big proponents of hops and coconut for many moons, and only felt it made sense to take the extra full bodied grain bill of Emperor Citra, the perfectly Citra-laden hop bill of King Citra, and jam-pack it with two coconut additions so that this rather regal Double IPA would end up swimming in so much coconut and tropical fruit aromas that you won't be able to get Rupert Holmes' Escape out of your head. [Brewed with: Citra hops and Coconut / 8.7% ABV]