Light & Day Westcoast Pilsner - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Let's be real, IPA isn't exactly the best beer style for day drinking, it's a recipe for waking up at 9am with booze sweats, unbrushed teeth, and a half eaten Doritos Locos taco in your hoodie pocket; and as much as we love lager, some days we just want those huge hops. Light & Day is the perfect balance between hops and not passing out poolside. Based on a classic Light Lager recipe, with a sprinkling of traditional lager hops in the kettle and a massive westcoast-centric dry-hop, Light & Day drinks just like a lager you'd find in a giant cardboard box, but with a laser beam of hop aroma that gives you the satisfaction of a Westcoast IPA in a much more sessionable package.  [hops: Centennial / 5.6% ABV]