Lovers & Losers Bohemian Pilsner - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Many years ago we detailed our theory of surviving the bell-curve of craft beer. Where every beer drinker starts out with the cheap domestic beer you were able to convince your cousin to buy for you, then it was on to classic imports, then Pale Ales and IPAs, then double IPAs, Imperial Stouts, then at the peak of the curve you land on 21% Imperial Milk Stouts with peanut butter and birthday cake aged on logs from a platypus' burrow and carbonated with duck farts. Then it's back to a Double IPA, then IPA, then you just want a nice Pale Ale, then it all comes back to the old reliable... ...the European Lager. Five years later, it has happened, people are drinking Lagers, and Pale Ales, and Stouts that aren't marketed like bottom shelf breakfast cereal. Bright, grainy, and refreshing with a light body, low bitterness, and mild floral hop character; Lovers & Losers evokes all of the memories we miss from the beers we were raised on yet somehow looked past on our path up and back down the bell-curve. [4.8% ABV]


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