Monster Cookie Pinwheel Imperial Brown Ale - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

We heard Brown Ales aren't cool, so we made an Imperial Brown Ale, but we heard those aren't cool, so we added chocolate to it, but that wasn't cool enough, so instead we decided to take this behemoth Brown Ale, set the oven to 350, laid down our parchment paper, and sprinkled this monstrosity with even more cocoa nibs and vanilla; then let it rest on espresso beans and sea salt. While it is objectively drenched in immaturity, it's worth noting that this is not a Pastry Stout. Monster Cookie Pinwheel dodges sweetness like it's the tennis ball gun on American Gladiators, focusing on balancing a plethora of high quality ingredients without being syrupy sweet or unbalanced; just maxed out on flavor and remarkably drinkable, while keeping that little bit of warming alcohol you want when you are indulging in a Bakery Brown. [contains: Cocoa Nibs, Chocolate, Vanilla, Espresso Beans, Sea Salt / 11.8% ABV]