Pioneers & Pirate Ships Czech Dark Lager - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

As much as we love brewing, drinking, and evangelizing the crispiest of Lagers; we must concede that not every day is a Lager day in the greater Bay Area. For days and nights when Karl the Fog blankets our skies with a post-apocalyptic mist we have Pioneers & Pirate Ships, a Czech Dark Lager that brings more color, more alcohol, and more body, to provide the pinnacle of Lager sustenance. There's no big roasty nose or astringently ashy flavor that you get in a lot of dark Lagers; Pioneers & Pirate Ships sails a course more focused on a complex malt profile with notes of candied almonds, cocoa-dusted caramels, chocolate stroopwafels, over-priced artisanal toast, and a delicate floral and grassy bouquet. It's not normal for a beer this dark to be so incredibly crushable, but as temps begin to fall we're more than happy to welcome a Czech Dark Lager into our Lager congregation.

6.0% ABV