Radios & Rodeos American Lager - 4-pack 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

We're kind of nerding out on the lack of ability to nerd out on this style. That's not to say that the classic American Lager isn't a great style, we absolutely love Lager in all forms, but a classic American Lager is one of those styles where every little flaw screams to the heavens like Sam Kinnison on a booger sugar binge; but when cared for like an injured bird, and coddled day by day, you can get these Lagers to be simply incredible. Packed to the brim with subtleties and nuance Radios & Rodeos is about as crispy as a Lager can get with a mild graininess and hint of sweetness on the palate that dissipates with with every little explosion of Co2 on your taste buds, unlocking more subdued notes of white pepper, corn flakes, juniper leaf, magnolia blossoms, cheerios, and Americana.
4.8% ABV