Salted Tropics Gose - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

There was about a 5-month period where Gose had its moment in the sun; everything was coming up Milhouse for the tart, salty style, and refreshing style; and then out of nowhere, like it was impersonating Hoffa, Gose disappeared without a trace. Always being ones to swim against the current, we're not leaving Gose to fade away in our quiver of Sours. For Salted Tropics rendition we brewed up a fairly traditional Gose and fermented it loads of passion fruit, pink guava, mango, and hibiscus to compliment the tart and salty base that makes this Sour style stand out all on its own; with refreshing and effervescent notes of fresh sourdough bread, sea salt, lemon peel, and fresh tropical fruits. [Contains: Passion Fruit, Mango, Pink Guava, Hibiscus / 4.8% ABV]