Tiger Uppercut Double IPA - 4 Pack of 16 oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Large in stature and menacingly juicy, Tiger Uppercut Double IPA will artfully attack the senses like it has eight well-trained limbs. Jumping into the ring with some of our favorite hops; notes of cantaloupe and sweet peach waft through the air slowly morphing into an aroma of bright citrus and weed sorbet. With a scent so full of vigor it clinches you and pulls you right into the glass for a taste. First you get hit with the grainy yet velvety body, then a one-two punch of hop juice swarms your tongue relentlessly, hammering away with flavors of starfruit, cantaloupe melon, guava, and a combination of orange and clear gummy bears that can only be accomplished by biting the head off one and attaching it to the body of the other. Tiger Uppercut Double IPA is a brutish yet beautiful beer that may smash the senses of any farang it comes across but is gentlemanly enough to shake your hand after and grant you a second round.

[hops: Mosaic, El Dorado, Blanc]

8.5% ABV