Timing & Structure German Pilsner - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

It's a well known fact that the apex of beer is the Pilsner. A style we do not take lightly, but make lightly, Timing & Structure is our take on the classic German Pilsner using only the best ingredients imported from Europe and adapt our process to make what we think is a great stateside representation of the legendary style celebrating all of its delicate complexity. While few things can come close to drinking Pilsner in a beer hall in Germany, most examples we get in the good ol' U.S. of A have spent quite some time crossing the Atlantic and then sitting on store shelves while people instead grab coconut blueberry matcha maple milkshake Double IPAs with someone else's art on the label. While fresh and lively this beer has a distinct noble hop aroma and moderate bitterness to balance out the perceived sweet notes from the German Pilsner malt. In the case of Timing & Structure we use a restrained amount of noble hops to kick up notes of fresh cut grass, orange blossom, and birch bark; dancing in perfect harmony with mild honey, hazelnut, and bready notes from the German Pilsner malt. We dream of the day we can have just as many Pilsners on tap as we do IPAs, but until that day Timing & Structure will be our shifty beer until it's gone. [5.3% ABV]