Triumph & Tragedy Irish Red Lager - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Some might say an Irish Red Lager is not a style, and they might be correct. However, styles are rarely based on historical accuracy, and in all reality, there's no better way to describe Triumph & Tragedy. Overlooked and under-respected, the Irish Red is a fantastic style, and all we did was take what we think is an A+ recipe for this style and fermented it with a super clean and neutral European Lager yeast to produce this incredibly drinkable and ultimately delicious hybrid of styles that is sadly all too rare nowadays. With notes of toasted soda bread, overpriced toffee, roasted cereal grains, and a light floral hop bouquet, Tragedy & Triumph hits all the notes we want while drinking our faces off at the Ould Sod but in a cleaner and crispier bundle. [5.3% ABV]