Vox Pop DDH Westcoast IPA - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Some hops work great in hazies, some work great in westcoasties, and some just crush it in both. For Vox Pop, we went with some of our favorite hops that can crush both spectrums of IPA to make this neo-westcoast IPA sing with an abundance of tropical hop pungency. Anchored with Mosaic, but sprinkled with copious amounts of Enigma, Idaho7, and the best Centennial hops we have ever smelled, Vox Pop explodes with notes of super ripe citrus, lemon zest, peach ring gummies, sweet orange wedges, white grapefruit, blueberries, bright pineapple chunks, pear blossoms, and a subtle whiff of the dankness. Vox Pop is shepherding in a monumental hop blast like it's Slim Pickens riding on an atomic bomb, in all of its dry, effervescent, and hop oil saturated perfection. [hops: Mosaic, Enigma, Idaho7, Centennial / 6.9% ABV]