Green Diesel IPA - 4-pack 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Quite possibly our favorite thing about Nelson hops is how incredibly offensive their descriptors are, yet somehow this liquid dictionary of unappetizing terms ends up being an absolute delicacy the second it hits the glass. Cat piss? ewwwww! Diesel Fuel? gross! Nettle? please make it stop! Gooseberries? you mean the world's worst berry, are you a cherry tomato or a golden raspberry, make up your mind. Then you pile on top of that freakshow of flavors some of the more polarizing tropical fruits in passionfruit and guava, and you have a beer that should taste how the Pacific trash vortex looks; yet, this rag tag group of aromas and flavors team up to create some kind of magic together. Green Diesel is everything we love about Nelson hops and is exactly why we crave a catty, diesly, passionfruity, gooseberry-y IPA.