'Luke' Hat

Fieldwork Brewing

“The 'Luke' is a semi-structured hat designed to be worn forwards or backwards indoors or outdoors. Semi-structured means it has a crown that is lower than a traditional high crown cap and is lightly supported; landing it somewhere between a dad-hat and a baseball hat. This makes The Luke easy to fold up and throw in your daypack and not get deformed or mangled like a stiff crowned hat. Made of 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester this hat is lightweight and breathable, and ages uniformly to create a nice worn in weathered looking hat instead of that ball cap you refuse to throw away that has one gnarly thick white sweat-stain through the middle of it. With an adjustable snapback this hat can fit heads ranging from small to planetoidal and won’t have to sit on the bench while you go a few months without a haircut.