Miles City Helles Lager - 4 Pack of 16 oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

It's no mystery three of our favorite things on earth are hops, Lagers, and dogs; and with Miles City you only get one of these. Miles City Helles Lager is the anti-spiked seltzer; with its overwhelming crushability, mild bitterness, moderate body, and subtle yet flavorful malt character you can put 'em down without getting put down. There's no noticeable hop aroma to divert your attention away from the wondrous German Pilsner malt that provides a balanced graininess that is interesting without intensity and compliments the traditional German Lager yeast to make an exceedingly easy drinking Lager with all the nuance we love from a properly made Helles Lager. [malt: Weyermann Pilsner, Melanoidin]

4.9% ABV