PULP IPA - 4-pack of 16oz cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Dating back to 2016 Pulp originated as a sister beer to our Pulp Free Westcoast IPA, except for Pulp we drop the bittering additions and package it without any fining agents, leaving it turbid and creamy. Using a much more fruit-focused yeast strain this IPA kicks-off complimentary esters of over-ripe peaches falling from a tree that pairs perfectly with its juicy Citra hops. While none of our beers are filtered, PULP exemplifies this with the appearance of an opaque monster that adds a nice juicy mouthfeel to the beer, making it stick to the palate in an aggressive nature. The abundance of Citra hops creates an aromatic bombardment that smells like a Sunday drive through a citrus orchard in peak of season; with notes of fresh squeezed orange juice, lemonhead candies, peach candy rings, and juicy sweet mango trekking from the first sniff to the last sip. Pulp delivers just what we want, pure juicy hop deliciousness in its most natural of forms. [hops: Citra / 6.9% ABV]