Puro Gusto Italian Pilsner - 4-pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

Puro Gusto is what happens when good friends do great favors. While sitting belly to the bar at Dead Reckoning in Arcata our good friend Theo plopped down a can that no one ordered. It was an Italian Pilsner. A whata what? Yeah, we were confused too, but then we were quickly blown the eff away by how perfect the beer was. A year later we finally got around to putting our spin on the Italian Pilsner. Keeping things super simple with just Pilsner malt, Lager yeast, and German hops; we brewed up a super crisp and slightly bitey Pilsner with a grainy backbone and a hefty dry-hop of German Select hops creating a pungency that increases as the beer warms up with notes of fresh cut grass, cherry blossoms, lilac, a delicate earthiness, and sweet pears. Don't feel like you need to come in and drink any Puro Gusto, more than likely we're gonna do our best to kill the whole batch with shifties.


5.70% ABV