Wax IPA - 4-Pack of 16oz Cans

Fieldwork Brewing

When we first brewed Wax years ago it was... ....well, it was an enigma of a beer with a hop profile unlike anything we had experienced before, which is exactly why the Aussies named this hop "Enigma." After years of refining the cultivation of this hop, and more time for it to get its uniqueness across people's palates, we're reveling in the love it is getting and the foregone polarization it once caused. Every year these hops keep getting better and this year was no different, you’ll see a lot of the same notes in Wax past but with more intense notes of red berry compote, sherbet, papaya, overripe sweet oranges, a medley of tropical fruits, and a respectable dose of the giggle bush. While we love the overall profile of this hop, its best trait still might be its sheer pungency; making Wax one of those beers you can smell from across the bar while your server is pouring it. Really, what's not to love about that?
[hops: Enigma]
7.3% ABV